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mrs hamilton demo

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Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom is a daily, on demand virtual early learning educational program. It is an engaging and truly interactive classroom environment. Video instruction is completed at a time convenient for you and your child. Targeted for kids ages 3-5, our hands-on learning activities will engage your child’s interest and curiosities.


Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom curriculum combines academic learning with cognitive, language, and social-emotional development and transitional skills. Our age-appropriate early learning and skills will help your child learn and grow while developing and practicing important academic and social skills that not only prepares children for kindergarten but for lifelong learning, achievement, and success.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, interactive virtual early learning education at a price all families can afford.

Family-Friendly On Demand Virtual Early Learning Exclusively For Kids, Parents, And Home-Learning

Mrs. Hamilton's Classroom Features...

√ Classroom Video Lessons - High quality, professionally produced

√ Crafts and Activities available for download

√ Special Classroom Website Member’s Access

√ Parents Resource Center - Parent’s resources, tools, videos, educational webinars, and more

√ Kids Resource Center - Kids Learning Resources - Downloadable, printable worksheets, lessons, activities, projects, and more


✦ Craft Projects ✦ Educational Songs ✦ Storytelling ✦ Circle Time ✦ Special Guests